Roofing Maintenance in Oxford, Mississippi

Cindy Hale - Gutter Installation in Taylor, MS
Cindy Hale, owner of Hale Roofing & Restoration Inc has almost a decade of industry experience and is also HAAG Certified. This means that Hale Roofing & Restoration Inc can assist you with your roof build, but also inspect your roof to ensure it is in compliance with your local code. Cindy and her staff at Hale Roofing & Restoration Inc welcome the opportunity to gain your trust and handle all your projects now and in the future.

Cindy can investigate your roof to determine if your roof damage is weather related or due to other causes such as construction deficiencies, excessive load, maintenance, or design issues. Generally only weather related damage is covered by insurance companies. So you wouldn't want to file a claim to only be “rejected”. This could lead to a black mark on you insurance record and increase future premiums.

HAAG Certified Inspector

In 1924, civil engineer, Walter G. Haag created a company that examines the reason why materials, components, structures and products do not work properly. Walter and his team of engineers performed roof basements to determine if damages were a result form inclement weather, manufacturing defect, improper installation, or a mechanical issue.

The roof assessments conducted by Walter and his staff would later become the foundation of the Haag Certified Roof Inspection (HCRI) program. HAAG testing and training curriculum provides knowledge to adjusters, roofers, inspectors and other roofing professionals on applying forensic engineering principles to roofing solutions.